The Adelshof is a powerful stone building with two portals connected to a large ancient manor. The courtyard gate in the Schuppachgasse has stonework dating back to the 13th century. This is from the time of the original founder of the town, the Staufer monarch. In the Middle Ages, the Romanesque manor probably served as the Staufer headquarters.

Catherine Büschler, widow of the wine dealer Konrad Büschler moved into the house in 1461. In memory of her descendant the renowned mayor Hermann Büschler, who had lived in the noble house since 1507, “The Adelshof” carried its traditional name “Büschlerhaus”. His coat of arms can still be found on the 2 courtyard towers and also on the late Romanesque-Gothic St. Michael’s Church which lies opposite.

From this house mayor Büschler led the fierce battle of Hall in 1510, which ended in victory for the cities aristocracy. He and his son later supported the reformer Johannes Brenz and helped initiate the Reformation.

Between the years 1541 and 1546 the house was residence to the Emperor Charles V.

As with many historic premises, the reputation and influence of the owners did not last forever. As the son of mayor Wibel inherited the house in 1712 it was soon divided and sold in 12 parts.

It was not until 1952 that the entire house was in the hands of one owner the ‘Stiftung des Hospitals zum Heiligen Geist’. It was purchased with the adjacent building, which was demolished in 1969 to allow for expansion of the house. 1977 saw the ownership of the house passed to the town of Schwäbisch Hall.

The ‘Ratskeller’ restaurant has been open since 1953, und in 1977 was expanded into a hotel. Here is where the name ‘Büschlerhaus’ became ‘Hotel Der Adelshof’.

In the year 1998 this historic building was re-opened with a new bar the ‘Büschlerkeller’. Which with its warm decor and design offered a new style in hotel bar.

Under the present owners Family Eggensperger the development of the hotel continues with love and care . Cooperation with the “Romantic Hotels” and “Burgenstraße”, numerous themed rooms with modern, stylish bathrooms, a spa oasis, the gourmet restaurant “San Michele”, and much more make this special hotel a great place to stay.